Warranty Policy:


Step 1: Find the serial number of your device (as shown in the image below).

Step 2: Use this code to activate the warranty at the website: https://airhaircare.shop/warranty/

To experience the products at AiR Hair Care with peace of mind, AiR Hair Care provides details about the warranty policy in-store. Please refer to the following information:


Warranty conditions:

We will warranty your product free of charge if the product:

  • Is defective due to manufacturer’s technical faults.
  • Is within the warranty period as specified on the box, product packaging, or on the purchase invoice at AiR Hair Care store.
  • Comes with a purchase invoice or online receipt from AiR Hair Care store.
  • Has the warranty sticker (and AiR Hair Care manufacturer’s seal sticker on the product is not torn, lost, or damaged.

We will not warranty or charge a warranty fee for your product if the product:

  • Does not meet any of the above conditions for free warranty.
  • The serial number, barcode, product model does not match the Online Warranty Code.
  • Has been repaired by the customer or unauthorized repair centers not authorized by AiR Hair Care.
  • Is damaged due to user error and the damage is not within the manufacturer’s warranty scope.

Warranty period:

The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase or from the manufacturing date depending on the type of product. You can check the warranty period on the box, product packaging, or on the purchase invoice. For electronic warranty products, the warranty period is calculated from the purchase date on the invoice.

Warranty locations:

  • If you want to warranty a product, please come directly to the store or contact the Hotline, official website & Fanpage of AiR Hair Care.
  • If you purchase products from Distributors directly distributed by AiR Hair Care, please contact that Distributor for quick and effective support. You can view information about Distributors on our platforms.
  • If you are too far from an AiR Hair Care store or have difficulty reaching a warranty center, don’t worry because you can send the product back to us via mail or shipping service providers (you will have to pay for the shipping cost), and we will return the product to you after it has been warranted for free.

AiR Hair Care always aims to bring the best products and services to our customers. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. We appreciate the trust and support of our customers!
AiR Hair Care issued in 2023.