Return and Refund Policy

AiR Hair Care provides a return policy to ensure that each customer has the best experience when using our services. When you use AiR Hair Care’s services, you will be supported and advised on warranties by our customer care team. AiR Hair Care aims to enhance trust, ensure customer peace of mind, and uphold the credibility of the premium hair care brand AiR Hair Care in the hair care industry for women worldwide, including Vietnam.

Conditions for Returning Items Distributed by AiR Hair Care

AiR Hair Care will refund the product to customers if it has manufacturing defects, including surface damage, peeling, breakage, fractures, or technical faults.

AiR Hair Care will exchange products for customers if they do not match the customer’s order, applicable to customers who purchase products online at the official AiR Hair Care website ( and the official AiR Hair Care Facebook page (

This policy applies to all customers using AiR Hair Care’s services and products worldwide.

Returned products must meet identification requirements, such as intact warranty labels, matching product codes with the customer’s order information, and packaging with additional labels containing supplier information.

AiR Hair Care’s Return Procedure

AiR Hair Care implements a 1-to-1 exchange policy for defective or incorrect orders. The return period is within 3 days from when customers receive the product from the shipping carrier.

If the product is defective and meets the return conditions mentioned above, customers can request an exchange or refund to receive an equivalent-valued product.

The time to receive the new product depends on product availability in stock, shipping carriers, or the status of the order. AiR Hair Care will notify you in advance, typically within 2 days after your return request is approved.

For the best and fastest assistance with returns, customers should follow these steps:

Contact AiR Hair Care’s Customer Care Department via phone, email, the website (, or the official Facebook page ( to report the return and explain the product’s condition.

Wait for a response from AiR Hair Care’s Customer Care Department to receive further details about the return procedure.

Send the product for return to the AiR Hair Care center or authorized AiR Hair Care facilities nearest to you. Ensure that the returned product meets all the conditions for returns as stated above.

For purchases made during promotional campaigns:

The return policy for orders or products during promotional campaigns or those with accompanying gifts from AiR Hair Care provides four options:

Exchange for an equivalent-valued product.

Exchange for the same type of product.

Exchange for a higher-valued product.

Refund for the product.

Valid Returned Orders:

To complete a return, the order must meet the following conditions:

The returned product must match the description in the return request form and be in its original condition upon receipt.

The returned order must include all items, including purchased products, accessories, and accompanying gifts.

Each order can only be requested for a return once.

Returned orders will not be considered valid if:

Incorrect or insufficient information is provided via the Customer Care hotline, email, website, or official Facebook page of AiR Hair Care.

The returned order is sent more than 3 days after AiR Hair Care confirms the return request to the customer.

The returned product does not match or is incomplete compared to the information provided by the customer.

The returned product does not meet the return standards or fails to meet the store’s conditions and policies after inspection by AiR Hair Care.

Customers are advised to provide accurate and complete information for AiR Hair Care to facilitate the product return process as soon as possible.

Shipping Policy for Returned Orders due to Defects:

If a returned order cannot be received due to external conditions beyond the customer’s control when the delivery personnel arrive, the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs to return the item to the warehouse and for subsequent delivery attempts. The shipping cost will depend on the weight and distance of the delivery.

If the delivery error is caused by AiR Hair Care or the shipping company under force majeure circumstances, we will bear the entire shipping cost.

Issued by AiR Hair Care in 2023.